Montgomery Amateur Radio Club 


Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM in the cafeteria of the Stella B. Werner Council Office Building (COB), 100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, MD. Free parking is available in the garage adjacent to the COB and across the street in an open lot (see map).

About 6 times per year we have a less formal meeting (dinner meeting) which is held at an area restaurant.  Dinner meetings begin at 7:00 PM.  Friends and family are welcome to attend.

Upcoming events

No events available.

Past events

12/18/2013 Presentation by Michael Goldfarb- Montgomery County OEMHS
11/20/2013 Dinner Meeting at Ted's 355 Diner
11/06/2013 MARC Annual Meeting and Election of 2014 Officers & Directors
10/16/2013 P2E2: An Emergency Preparedness Primer (Chon K3DHS)
10/02/2013 [Program TBD]
09/18/2013 Rig testing with MARC's service monitor (Terry W3EDS)
09/04/2013 QRZ.COM presentation (Fred AA7BQ)
08/21/2013 [Program TBD]
08/07/2013 EmComm/ARES in the MDC section (Jim WB3KAS)
07/17/2013 Field Day 2013 - After Action (Phil K3EW)
07/03/2013 Dinner Meeting at Ted's 355 Diner
06/19/2013 Field Day 2013 - Best Practices (Phil K3EW)
06/05/2013 Field Day 2013 - Logging Software (Phil K3EW)
05/15/2013 Field Day 2013 - Final Design (Phil K3EW)
05/01/2013 Field Day 2013 - Logistics (Phil K3EW)
04/17/2013 Contesting (Jim WX3B)
04/03/2013 Amateur Radio Balloon Operations (Rick AI1V)
03/20/2013 Field Day 2013 (Phil K3EW)
03/20/2013 Dinner Meeting at Ted's 355 Diner
03/06/2013 Dinner Meeting at Ted's 355 Diner **CANCELED**
02/20/2013 Planning Your Go Kit: Step One (Tom W3TDH)
02/06/2013 RemoteRig - Operating your Station Remotely (Seth N3PZ)
01/16/2013 What we can do to help with Emergency Communications (Ross WA2WDT)
01/02/2013 Public Safety Communications Technology (Larry KB3YTX)
12/19/2012 Dinner Meeting at Ambrosia Grille
12/05/2012 Discussion of MARC Plans for 2013 (Mark K3MMP)
11/21/2012 Dual Polarization Radar (Paul Schlatter NWS)
11/07/2012 MARC Annual Report (Mona NY7P) and RV-ing and Ham Radio (Tom W3TOM)
10/17/2012 Dinner Meeting at Ambrosia Grille
10/03/2012 Safety in the Shack (Tom W3TDH)
09/19/2012 High-Speed Wireless Networking in the 420 MHz Band (David W2LNX)
09/05/2012 Everything You Wanted to Know About Antennas, but Were Afraid to Ask
08/15/2012 Dinner Meeting at Ambrosia Grille
08/01/2012 Field Day: 2012 Wrap-up (Phil K3EW)
07/18/2012 Marine Corps Marathon Overview (Jim WI3N)
07/04/2012 **NO MEETING** Happy Independence Day!
06/20/2012 Operating Best Practices
06/06/2012 Logging Software Workshop
05/16/2012 Field Day: 2012 Final Design (Phil K3EW)
05/02/2012 Field Day: 2012 Logistics (Phil K3EW)
04/18/2012 Dinner Meeting at Ambrosia Grille
04/04/2012 Ham Radio Outreach and Publicity
03/21/2012 Field Day: 2011 Lessons, 2012 Plans (Phil K3EW)
03/07/2012 D-STAR, DV Dongle, DV Access Point Demos (D-STAR SIG)
02/15/2012 Dinner Meeting at Ambrosia Grille
02/01/2012 A 5000' View of a 5000 Sq. Mile Repeater (Al NW2M)
01/18/2012 Solar Power Presentation (Ralph WB0JKV)
01/04/2012 D-STAR Repeater Discussion
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